Sensaras LLC

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors


Sensaras LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of liquid level sensors. We use ultrasonic technology to detect liquid levels with innovative designs and superior quality. We are known for our fast response, superior quality, and timely delivery. Founded in 2013, Sensaras LLC purchased a new facility at 1531 Smithtown Ave, Bohemia, NY, in 2019.

Industries We Serve

Some of the primary industries we serve are:

  • Semiconductor

  • OEM

  • Process Control

  • Military & Aerospace

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical

  • Food and Beverage

  • Biotech & Laboratory Automation and more

Why Us?

We understand why ultrasonic is the technology of choice. We use the latest technology and designs to stay updated and relevant. With our manufacturing processes streamlined, we have been able to cut down lead time and also costs. Our hard work and diligence are why Sensaras LLC has increased growth annually by 25% to 30%.

Customer Service

Sensaras LLC responds to each customer within 24-hours. We strive to support every application our customers require. We customize our standard sensors, research, and projects to come up with new product lines.

We Love Our Planet

We are environmentally conscious and have installed solar panels enough to power our company.

Battling COVID-19

Sensaras LLC has been operating during these difficult times of Covid-19. Masks, barriers, cleaning products, social distancing, and other safety measures have been implemented to ensure each team member remains safe.

Sensaras LLC

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